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Popular Areas of Inquiry

Over and above these thematic areas, our mentors seek to provide first-hand and real-time information, answers to queries at all stages, feedback and empathetic emotional support needed through this taxing and ambitious journey that you are choosing to embark on.

Discover Your Mentor

Sophie Lemieux

Industry: Digital marketing, UX design

  • ( Babson College )
Rohit Nayak

Industry: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • ( Forbes 30 under 30 - Social Entrepreneur Asia List 2017 )
Rajat Parashar

Industry: Investment Banking

  • ( Dean's alumni advisory board )
Mani Nagpal

Industry: Financial Services, Real Estate

  • ( Dean’s & MSDT scholarship )
Lucy Boyko

Industry: Fintech, sustainability, consulting

  • ( Babson College, Presidential & social innovation scholar )
Lakshya Daga

Industry: Real estate, Retail

  • ( Babson's Deans Scholar )
Emilio Ruiz

Industry: Law and Entrepreneurship

  • ( Babson College, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, GSC President )
Arnav Roy

Industry: Mental health advocate, social media creator, pharmaceuticals

  • ( The grateful living podcast show )

Industry: Finance, Engineering

  • ( Boston University )
Aaron Yaniro

Industry: Information Technology

  • ( Babson College )

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